Welcome!  My name is Chintamani Kansas. aka “C”

I teach a variety of movement modalities because bodies need to move in many ways for balance and joy.  Yoga, Pilates, Breath-work, Meditation–that’s a well-rounded practice.  Vitality and Connection!

You’re in good hands.  Yoga is a thousand-year-old technology based on non-harming and compassion.   Pilates draws from a deep knowledge of anatomy to work with injuries and create strength and integration.

For information on Private Lessons or Workshops, contact me at ckansas42@gmail.com. For my Public Schedule, see below.

Public Schedule–

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1:00 pm – Pilates Level 2/3  at NYSC W41st St

7:00 pm – Vinyasa Flow Yoga Level 2/3  at mang’Oh Studio

8:30 pm – Candlelight Yoga Level 1 (Hatha Yoga)  mang’Oh Studio


10:00 am – Seniors Strength & Mobility Yoga at the University Settlement

11:00 am – Seniors Open/Gentle Yoga at the University Settlement

1:00 pm – Hatha Yoga  at NYSC Mercer St


12:00 pm – Lunchbox Yoga at mang’Oh studio (Vinyasa)


9:00 am – Hatha Yoga (modifications for injuries)   at 14th Street Y


8:45 am – Core Yoga at mang’Oh studio

10:00 am – Vinyasa Flow Yoga Level 2/3  at mang’Oh Studio

12:30 pm – Basic Flow at Reflections Yoga & Center for Consciousness